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Fifteen Trampoline Safety Tips for Kids

Don’t you just love enjoying the time outside and do trampoline exercise with your kids? Yes, of course, we do. Not until one of your kids suddenly break a leg because of not being too careful. Trampolines are fun, but they are also a recipe for disaster, especially if you’re not careful enough.

Even the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons bans trampolines on kids ages 6 and under. However, kids will be kids, and they will definitely find a way just to jump on one. This is because we can’t deny the fun and joy a trampoline gives to us. In fact, they can also be used as an exercise equipment as well.

Now before you get rid of your trampoline, there are fifteen tips that can keep your kids safe while they happily bounce back and forth in the trampoline. Everyone can have fun in the trampoline as long as you follow the tips listed down below.

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  1. Find the Perfect Location to Set Up the Trampoline

  • You must set up the trampoline at least three meters away from any kinds of outside danger such as walls, trees, poles, and fences. It’s also advisable to install a padded mat in your trampoline in case yours doesn’t come with one.
  1. Terrain Placement is Important

  • It’s also ideal to place your trampoline on soft ground such as sand or bark. This will ensure that your kids or even you will have a safe landing just in case some of you falls off the trampoline. Don’t ever place the trampoline on asphalt or concrete or the next thing you’ll find is a broken skull.
  1. Check Before Using

  • It’s always advisable to do a regular safety check before you use the trampoline. Listed below are some things that you need to check and these are:
  • The springs – check if they are securely attached and not loose.
  • The mat – check if there are no tears or holes. Slight damage on the mat can result in a hard landing, which increases the risk of getting injuries.
  • The trampoline level – always ensure that the trampoline is properly leveled so that no one falls off unexpectedly.
  • Extra things – always keep the trampoline away from any sticks, leaves, or your kid’s toys to ensure safety.
  1. Use the Ladder

  • There’s a good reason why trampolines come with a built-in ladder. This is to be used to get in and off the trampoline itself. It can be tempting to just jump off without using the ladder if you feel that you are a stunt person wannabe. But it’s always a good idea to keep safety first at the top of your list.
  1. Remove the Ladder (if needed)

  • Now that’s a bit odd. Above, we told you that the ladder acts as a safety material. And now, we just told you to remove it. This tip will come useful, especially if your kids are left in the house with no adults around. So if ever you will go out of town for a while, secure the trampoline by removing the ladder to prevent kids from getting on it.
  1. Keep a Lookout on Your Kids

  • As a parent, it’s your responsibility to keep your kids safe at all times. So if ever your kids are getting too excited and over-enthusiastic on the trampoline, make sure that they don’t jump too high to reduce injuries.
  1. Clear Thy Pockets Before Jumping

  • Before you get on the trampoline, clear your kids’ pockets (and even yours) from any kinds of items. It can be a bit of a chore but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  1. Don’t Imitate Stunts You See on the Internet

  • The internet is a dangerous place (sometimes). So if you let your kids watch some trampoline stunts on YouTube, always make a piece of advice to them not to imitate it. Those eye-candy backflips and somersaults should only be done if you’re already a professional. And since you’re not, then stop dreaming about doing it or you’ll get a nice trip to the hospital.
  1. Kids Ages Six and Below Should Not Be Allowed

  • As said earlier, kids age six and below should never be allowed to play on the trampoline. However, there are mini trampolines that are available in the market that is suitable for your little kids. You could opt for those if you had the cash.
  1. Teach Them the Importance of the Trampoline’s Center

  • The center is the safe spot of the trampoline. And it’s important to teach your kids about this to prevent themselves from jumping on the sides where the steel frames are at.
  1. Clear the Underneath of the Trampoline

  • Before you and your kids do some jumping action on the trampoline, take a look underneath it and see if it’s clear from any debris or harmful materials/items.
  1. Don’t Drink and Jump

  • This one is for the parents who like to drink a lot to cast their problems away (which is ineffective by the way). So if you’re from an intense drinking session, keep away from the trampoline or a visit to the ER is the next thing you’ll wake up to.
  1. Don’t Wear Shoes

  • This one should be pretty basic. Always be barefooted when jumping on the trampoline. Not just you, but also your kids too. Or better yet, you can buy trampoline socks if you don’t like the feeling of being barefoot while doing some trampoline action.
  1. Ensure That There is an Adult Supervising Your Kids

  • If ever you go out for a little while, always invite your friend or tell your helper to keep a lookout on your kids if ever they are on the trampoline. Don’t ever leave your kids alone in the trampoline because if you do, then say hello to a trip to the hospital.
  1. One Jumper at a Time Rule

  • This rule is self-explanatory. Only play with the trampoline one jumper at a time. Unless your trampoline is pretty big, that can fit at least five people or so. The many the jumper, the higher chances of getting an accident is. So keep things simple and make safety as a priority.