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The Ideal Weight a Trampoline Can Hold

When you have a trampoline, it is important to know the capacity it can hold. This will prevent the trampoline from breaking and wearing down easily because you know its limits. Figuring its weight capacity isn’t as hard as you thought. Most sellers had printed the weight capacity on its packaging when you first bought it anyway.

Weight limit plays a vital role in trampolines. This will help you to determine the number of people that should jump at the trampoline at a time. However, whatever the weight limit is, the most effective tip of them all is the one jumper at a time. But most people just tend to overlook this rule as it is impossible to follow. What’s fun on jumping on the trampoline alone, right?

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  • Determining Weight Limits by Size

  • Basically, the smaller the trampoline the lower the weight limit. If you’re purchasing this kind of trampoline, then you need to know that it should only be used for your kid only. If you want to join the action, then buy a trampoline that suits you instead.
  • But to save yourself some cash, you can opt a large trampoline that suits the whole family whatever the size. A large backyard trampoline can hold around 400 pounds, which is equivalent to two or three people.
  • Determining Weight Limit by Style

  • Not just the size, but the trampoline style is also another thing that you should check upon determining the weight limit of a trampoline. A rectangular trampoline will be able to hold more weight compared to a circular one.
  • To differentiate both of them, a round trampoline uses the strength of the trampoline springs in every bounce no matter the location is. Rectangular trampolines, however, have strings that don’t work together because the location of the jump determines which springs will be used. Rectangular strings are specially designed for gymnasts; that’s why companies are increasing their weight limit whenever they make one.
  • Determining Weight Limit by its Materials

  • Lastly, the materials used for the trampoline also contributes to its weight limit. Three of the most common trampoline materials are the jumping pad, frame, and springs.
  • A trampoline with a low-quality jumping pad is more likely not to hold much weight. The same goes for a trampoline with low-quality springs and frame. So before purchasing a trampoline, make sure to check its materials first to avoid any regrets.