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Seventeen Ways How Trampoline Exercise Can Help You Shred Off Fat

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  1. It’s More Fun in Trampolines

  • Study shows that trampoline exercise is a more effective way to lose weight. According to NASA, it is 68% efficient compared to jogging. An individual that is spending an hour on the trampoline will burn more calories than a person that jogs for an hour. With that said, trampolines get your body moving without stressing out your metabolism.
  1. Enhances Your Body’s Lymphatic Flow

  • Your body’s lymphatic system is an interconnected network of tissues and organs that requires body movement to act as a pump. It’s miles different to your cardiovascular system because the heart is the one doing all the hard work to pump out blood. Trampoline exercises involve moving your whole body and are known to increase your lymph flow for as high as 15%
  1. Increases Body Detoxification and Cleansing

  • Trampoline exercises help your body’s natural detoxification mechanism to function more effectively. Every jump you make in a trampoline involves a gravity shift that can benefit all the muscles and cell in your body.
  1. Boosts Your Immune System

  • The lymphatic system needs to partner with the immune system to operate effectively. The immune system is the one who keeps you safe as it fights viruses, bacteria, and other health diseases and infection. Along with the immune system is a lymph that contains high amounts of white blood cells that is responsible for helping fight off infections in your body. As you do trampoline exercises, it enhances the lymph flow of your body, thus affecting the immune system too to function more effectively.
  1. Reduces Cellulite

  • Say goodbye to cellulite by doing trampoline exercises. As you jump up and down in the trampoline, you are basically pumping your body. By doing so, you are helping your body’s thyroid glands to clean itself and the fat that’s stored on the lymphatic system, which results to eliminate cellulite.
  1. Increases Skeletal Strength and Bone Mass

  • Trampoline exercise also helps strengthen your bone density, reducing the chances of getting osteoporosis. A study shows that doing rebounding exercises such as trampoline jumping strengthens the skeletal system as a whole, thus saving yourself from splints or unexpected bone fractures.
  1. Enhances Oxygen Circulation

  • Trampoline exercises increase your body’s biomechanical stimuli, which makes it a more effective and beneficial exercise compared to jogging.
  1. An Increase On Your Body’s Mitochondrial Production

  • As you do rebounding exercises, your body demands more energy by the cells than normal. This triggers your body’s mitochondrial production to produce more than usual. As a result, your body will have enough stored energy just by using that energy. You will feel more alive throughout the day when this happens and you will be losing weight along the way faster.
  1. Fun Way to Exercise Without Putting Too Much Pressure on Your Feet & Legs

  • Various cardio exercises involve putting too much pressure on the joints, feet, and legs. This is where trampoline steals the crown as it lets you exercise for long periods without putting much pressure on your joints.
  1. Enhances Balance and Posture

  • As you do rebounding exercises A.K.A trampolines, it stimulates the vestibule in your middle ear which results in an improved balance and body posture.
  1. Effective Way to Reduce Body Fat

  • Trampoline exercise is an effective way to make your legs, thighs, arms, hips, and abdomen firm. Thus increases agility and sense of balance. Not only that, but the detoxification effect as you trampoline reduces body fat as well.
  1. Improves Your Body’s Cardiovascular System

  • Not only the lymphatic system, but trampoline exercise also helps your cardiovascular system to perform and function better as well. Thus enhancing blood circulation and reduces blood pooling on your veins.
  1. Eliminates Varicose Veins

  • Trampoline exercises bids goodbye to varicose veins and lets you say hello to a healthy looking skin. This is because rebounding exercise improved circulation of blood flow, which releases the pressure in your veins, thus eliminating varicose veins.
  1. Achieve Greater Heights with Other Exercises

  • It’s already tested and proven that trampoline exercise can help you do and achieve more with your other exercises, especially strength training and weight lifting.
  1. Safer Cardiovascular Exercise

  • As you jump your way towards the trampoline, the impact is absorbed by the surface of the trampoline reducing the risk of injuring muscle and fibers.
  1. Helps Eliminate Cancer

  • We already know that trampoline exercise improved lymphatic fluid circulation. As a result, this helps destroy cancerous cells in your body. The lymphatic fluid is the one responsible for eliminating bad bacteria as well as cancerous cells.
  1. Reduces Fatigue and Menstrual Discomfort in Women

  • This is good news for women is trampoline exercise detoxifies any harmful hormones and toxins in your body. Thus, resulting in a healthy endocrine system which reduces fatigue and menstrual discomfort.