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Hello and welcome to Trampoline. As you may have known by now, we are an online publication which has chosen to write primarily about arts and events. As such, we have a need to make sure that our working knowing regarding arts and events will be up to date and competitive. While we make use of personal experiences to build our articles, we also have a laundry list of websites and sources that we check into from time to time.

These websites really helped up further our knowledge and even understand which topics are hot right now. Since they did so much for us, we figured that we would pay it forward and share them with all of you. Here are some useful links that you can make use of:

MoMA Exhibitions

The Museum of Modern Art is one of the best locations to really appreciate art. They often how exhibitions which are worth visiting! They also have classes which can help any budding artist discover other styles as they look for their own medium.

This link is for their exhibitions and events section. We regularly visit this in order to see what they have to offer.

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We’re still looking to add the other links so please be patient with us. Do you have websites which you found to be highly useful? Do they center on the topics of art or events? If so, share them with us and we’d love to check it out! Who knows, it may just make it unto this page in the near future.