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Hello. Thank you for endeavoring to finding out more about us. We truly appreciate the time you’ve taken to check up our information. Trampoline is an online publication that is headed by Laura Pearce. Born in 1982, she has always carried an innate appreciation for the arts. As she got older, she pursued arts academically and went on to be a part of a well-known events and public relations company.

While successful in her chosen field, she has not forgotten her love for the arts and uses her platform to unite both arts and events. Trampoline is at the pinnacle of that union. Laura found more people who loved arts just as she did and it just so happened that many of them also shared her interest for events planning and execution.

Trampoline is an online publication which shall heavily discuss both. If you are a fan of the arts or simply are looking for more tips to build a highly creative event, we aim to help you with that. Trampoline and its many writers all endeavor to provide you with tips and humor tinted discussions about the arts and events.

We hope that you’ll share this journey with us.