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Knowledge is a beautiful thing. It can empower movements and help countless others in their own journeys through their lives. We love knowledge. After all, this is at the very core of this website. Trampoline is an online resource which is heavily focused on the topics of arts and events. We wholly believe that these two topics are often intertwined and many more people can benefit from them.

At the head of our operation is the very talented Laura Pearce. She’s brought together some pretty passionate individuals and we all endeavor to provide some rather thoughtful and well-made discussions about our core topics. The trouble is that both of them are rather expansive and have developments to them. This means that we have a lot on our plate and we need your help to keep our discussions going.

Trampoline is looking for people to be regular contributors! If you’re interested in joining our ranks, please read on:

Do you have any experience in arts or events?

We prioritize the voice of experience. We believe that while theoretical discussions are okay, it is the discussions that are headed by personal experience that have a lot to offer.

Can you build unique articles?

We avoid giving our readers something that’s already been published. We require that our contributors are able to provide fresh and wholly unique articles that talk about arts and events.

If you think you’d be a good match, please reach Laura Pearce at 079 8967 6861. Help us bring better discussions forward.