Battling the Digital: Why Are Throwing Events Still Relevant Today?

featured9 - Battling the Digital: Why Are Throwing Events Still Relevant Today?

In terms of territories and drastic changes, events are seemingly in a precarious circumstance. Back in the day, events were completely necessary. Now that everything’s mostly digitalized do they still carry the same relevance?

There are people that tend to think that hosting events may not have the same efficacy as they did before as people tend to mostly meet and discuss things online. There are also those that believe that throwing or hosting an real world event is still as relevant as ever.

For the sake of argument, let’s take a look at both sides of the event discussion.


41 - Battling the Digital: Why Are Throwing Events Still Relevant Today?

Highly Accessible

A digital event like an e-symposium or an e-panel means that anyone with an internet connection and a standing knowledge of the address of the event can access it. This is not to imply that all digital events are free.

There are digital events which require a small menial fee but can still be access no matter where you are on the globe. That’s a different level of connectivity that cannot be beat.

May Lack Credibility

The trouble with a digital event is that people like to say that they’re going but end up not going at all. This is due to the fact that most people tend to doubt the credibility of people who throw digital events. People tend to think if others do not spend money to rent out a venue and pool people together that their words do not mean much or aren’t valuable.

This is a sad misconception that limits the true reach of a digital event.

Real World

42 - Battling the Digital: Why Are Throwing Events Still Relevant Today?


When a business or a person takes time to organize and host an event, it pretty much stamps a seal of ‘credibility’ over the associated origin or host. There is a reason why a lot of governments host events to really help promote their tourism.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, real world events often equal networking opportunities which can bolster one’s business and future event. When you host an event, you effectively open your brand to be perused and even be coveted by others.

If you do this professionally, hosting an event is pretty much your bread and butter.

To Wrap Things Up

Events, regardless of the shape or form that they take, will always carry relevance with it. While there are certain aspects which one will have over the other, it does not change the fact that events are important. They’re a good way to exchange ideas and continuously improve one’s processes and efficacy.

Do you think throwing or hosting events is still highly relevant today? If so, why do you think so?

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