Art is for Everyone

In the history of human accomplishments, art is certainly one that is wholly celebrated no matter what era they are in. we tend to make use of art to express ourselves in non-verbal ways. Despite the fact that so many people are from different walks of life, art is something which pulls them all together and allows them to draw their own opinions and takeaway.

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Events are Part of Life

Other than art, if there was anything that humans liked to do, it would be to party! We like take on any excuse which would allow us to throw an epic get-together. It can be because we want to boost a business. It could also be because we wanted to support a cause. It could be to celebrate something. Anything is pretty much a reason to have an event.

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Welcome to Trampoline

Hello there! We are glad to have you here with us. We are an online publication that is heavily focused on discussing both art (mid-century and contemporary) and events. We aspire to provide our audiences with thoughtful discussions regarding art and events. We aim to establish ourselves as a premiere site for tips and information that empowers our audience regarding the arts and events.

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featured2 480x360 - Struggling Artist? Take These Pieces of Advice with You

Struggling Artist? Take These Pieces of Advice with You

featured2 - Struggling Artist? Take These Pieces of Advice with You

The concept of the struggling artist has always been one that has been romanticized for generations. Today, we wanted to give some useful—and practical—pieces of advice for any struggling artist.

Take That Odd Job

1 - Struggling Artist? Take These Pieces of Advice with You

A common thing that a majority of newbie artists complain about would be the odd job offers that they get. After paying a significant amount of money on classes and even art courses, it can understandably be frustrating to be offered lower paying jobs.

The thing is no one knows what you are capable of yet. So taking that odd job increases your portfolio and gives your audiences a chance to better understand your style.

Embrace Technology

2 - Struggling Artist? Take These Pieces of Advice with You

In certain cases, a lot of artists decline to share their work online due to copyright issues. This, however, ensures that they also miss out on massive exposure from people who would rightfully and legally support your craft.

Just learn what the acceptable forms of copyright are like putting watermarks on everything—and other forms of protection for your art.

Don’t Stop Learning

3 - Struggling Artist? Take These Pieces of Advice with You

The advent of the internet has made it rather easy for networks to find each other and share knowledge about their particular crafts. If you are an artist, you must always try to enrich yourself through further study.

Learn more about the different movements out there. See if there is a particular market which aligns itself with your niche.

To Wrap Things Up

The idea of a struggling artist is one which shall continue for years to come. Every artist has their own interpretation of how they are ‘struggling’ and how they can get out of it. The world does need artists and there has been an increased clamor in supporting them. What we hope that these few pieces of advice will help any struggling artist with their cause.

What sort of advice would you offer another struggling artist?

featured1 480x360 - What Is Art: Our Personal Responses in a Nutshell

What Is Art: Our Personal Responses in a Nutshell

featured1 - What Is Art: Our Personal Responses in a Nutshell

When it comes to the topic of art, people are usually at odds regarding what it is or what is even considered to be acceptable forms of art. Before we get started, we’re truly happy that you’ve chosen to join us as we go on an exploratory journey regarding both arts and events. For today’s discussion, we wanted to explore one of the more common questions that is aimed toward art lovers.

This question being: what is art?

While seemingly a simple question, many of us start to truly look outward and inward to try to answer this. Here are some of the more cohesive responses that our writing team has managed to convey:

“Art is beauty and ugliness. It is both together and apart. Art is cannot be one without the other. The best pieces of art highlight the polar opposites.”

“Art is one of the driving mechanisms behind great upheavals. A majority of the greatest movements was, at the core, an intrinsic belief that certain people were indulging on the beauty of the world while they had to do without.”

“Art is a pursuit. Whether that pursuit is successful or not, it is up to the eyes of others to determine. After all, the greatest artists of our time didn’t even know the worth of their own work. Art is frustratingly reliant on the input of others in order to be legitimized.”

To Wrap Things Up

Art is a fully human concept that continues to affect and elevate lives regardless if they actively seek it or not. One of the best things about art is that it can be pretty much everywhere and at any given time. So even if you aren’t all that interested in it or aware of its existence, it is constantly around you with the colors, hues, tunes, and sights that can just as easily be overlooked.

What’s your take on art? What do you think art is?

info1 - What Is Art: Our Personal Responses in a Nutshell

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