Events In Motion: Why Should You Attend Event Planner Symposiums?

featured6 - Events In Motion: Why Should You Attend Event Planner Symposiums?

If you happen to be an event planner or are in the business of events in general, there is a lot to be gained by being part of an event planner symposium.

What is an event planner symposium?

A symposium, by definition, would be a sort of conference or gathering with the intent to discuss and explore a particular subject or topic. A lot of different professional fields often hold symposiums because of the many benefits that attendees and exhibitors get to enjoy.


When you really think about it, there are A LOT of different benefits that one would be able to obtain from attending an event planner symposium—especially when you work (or are planning to work) in that particular field.

Here are a few of them:


In the land of events, connections are everything. If you’re planning to run a successful event agency, you will need to carry a list of trusted connections especially when it comes to venues, catering, and other sort of suppliers.

Symposiums are an ideal place to meet and secure alliances with other firms or suppliers. We use the word alliances as it is quite easy to find yourself on the negative side of a bad deal or a competitor. If you make good deals, you’ll have a better chance of being prioritized even when it’s at the last minute.

Think Tank Environment

The world of events is one which changes quite drastically. So when you start to think that you’ve got the whole thing figured out, that’s when a new trend can knock you off your confident feet. A symposium that’s dedicated to event planners emphasizes the need for continued knowledge.

The panel discussions will be talking about a myriad of relevant topics like new technologies or the latest trends when it comes to specific events like weddings or even press junkets. It is always important to continuously sharpen your knowledge about events.


If you happen to be one of the people who have been invited to be part of a panel, you do well to add to your credibility by being part of the symposium. Exposure is one which cannot be understated in the land of events.

Your name is your brand and if you do—or say—the right thing at a symposium, you can fully expect clients to come running after you.

To Wrap Things Up

A symposium is always a great place to get started on your networking or growing your understanding of your particular field. An event planner symposium is a great event wherein many experts in their field are willingly sharing their expertise on the different angels that need to be considered when it comes to throwing or hosting events.

Do you work in an event planning related field? Would you consider attending an event planner symposium?

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