Tips in Avoiding Common Trampoline Injuries

They say it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. This is mostly the case with trampolines. In the United States alone, over 100,00 of accidents came from trampolines each year. That’s why the following safety measures are a must for a safe trampoline experience.

Every physical activity is capable of putting someone to danger, and trampolines are no exception. In this article, we are going to explore the things you can do to prevent trampoline accidents.

The “One at a Time” Rule

This is the most basic rule of trampoline use yet many have failed to follow. Of course, we can’t deny the fun to trampoline along with friends and family but doing so is a recipe for disaster. If you’re a parent who implemented this rule to your kids, you will notice that they are probably crying their hearts out in their room right now. After all, it’s your decision that matters. No matter the situation is, always enforce the one at a time rule and save yourself and your kids from a trip to the hospital.

Safety Nets

Trampoline enclosure nets look good on paper. Indeed, it can add the safety level of your trampoline fun if only it is done right. A safety enclosure net will only help the person land on the center, but there are still chances that the person will jump in the spring and frame area. Even with safety nets, the frame is still exposed.

Soft Ground

To prevent the risk of injuries even more, place your trampoline surrounded by soft ground. Don’t place it on somewhere surrounded by concrete or the next thing you’ll wake up to is a broken neck. If your yard doesn’t have a soft ground, then you can invest in getting trampoline pads that you can place around the trampoline.

Damage Checkup

Trampolines wear down over time just like other common things in our daily lives. That’s why doing regular trampoline checkups is a must to prevent accidents in the long run.

Set Trampoline Rules

This is supposed to be the most basic thing to do that some people tend to overlook. When setting up your trampoline for the first time, you should implement and enforce some safety rules for everyone to follow. Although it will limit the fun, safety first is something that you should put on top of your priority list.

You’re Not a Stuntman/woman

Don’t be too overwhelmed from those cool trampoline tricks you see on YouTube. Keep in mind that they are done by professionals. And since you’re not a professional, then don’t imitate it or you’ll risk of getting yourself a broken head.

Trampoline Ladder

Ladders can be useful, but sometimes not. Just like the frame, a trampoline ladder can also be your landing spot if you’re not too careful enough. Always remove it every time you go in for a jump.

Good Lighting is Key

If you want to get some trampoline action during the night, then make sure that the area is pretty well-lit. No one wants to do trampoline exercises at a dark place, right? You will increase your chances of getting injured if you do. Why not spend a few bucks and invest on an outside lighting peripheral?

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