The Surprising Health Benefits of Bone Broth

Broth has been here for ages and are used by our ancestors back then. Fast forward to this day, broth has gained popularity once again because of its health benefits. The phrase “revive the old, make it new” is somewhat true and it’s nice to see that something ancient has been bought back again for the modern world.

Broth is simply made from boiling bones from beef, chicken, or fish. The boiled water is then mixed with vinegar and some additional spices and herbs. Boiling a broth can last at least 4 hours or up to 48 hours if you want to do the old way just like what our ancestors did (they really had a lot of patience back then). With that said, here are a few health benefits that broth has in store for us.

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  • Nutrient Absorption

  • Broth is a good source of bio-available nutrients that’s easy to digest. It’s rich in amino acids and gelatin which makes it a viable food for soothing and healing the gut which enhances nutrient absorption from other foods too.
  • Provides Plenty of Health Enhancements

  • Broth is also rich in collagen. Which makes it a great option if you want to improve your hair, skin, and nail health. Not only collagen, but it also contains glucosamine chondroitin sulphates that help support joint health.
  • Since broth contain amino acids, it encourages collagen production to help keep your skin smooth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Broth is Rich in Amino Acids

  • Broth contains various amino acids that you cannot get from other food sources. These amino acids are:
  1. Glycine – This one supports DNA and RNA synthesis as well as digestive health. It is the one responsible for glutathione production and also for blood sugar and digestion regulation as well.
  2. Arginine – This one enhances wound healing and kidney function. Studies also show that arginine also improves heart health too.
  3. Proline – Proline helps the body to break down proteins and helps improve skin elasticity and smoothness. It also has heart-healing functions such as keeping the arteries from stiffening.
  4. Glutamine – Broth is also rich in glutamine which prevents dairy issues and various skin problems.
  • Improves Gut and Immune Health

  • Since broth is high in gelatin and collagen content, it helps improve gut health and increases the production of amino acids to help reduce inflammation.
  • Different Kinds of Broth

  • There are three different kinds of broth that we are going to talk about below.

  1. Broth – This one is the normal broth that is typically made out of meat and only contains an ample amount of bones. This one is usually simmered for about 45 minutes only, 2 hours being the longest one. It’s light in flavor, rich in protein, and thin in texture.
  2. Bone Broth – This one is a tad different to normal broth. As the name suggests, bone broth is typically made with bones and only contains small amounts of meat. So basically it’s just the opposite of broth. Bones are roasted first to improve its flavor and are simmered for about 24 hours which is quite long. However, the purpose of this longetivity is to ensure that the minerals and nutrients are leached into the broth from the bones as many as possible.
  3. Stock – Stock is a bit similar to bone broth. It’s made with bones and are roasted first to improve the flavor just like bone broth. The only difference is the time it’s being simmered. Compared to bone broth that can go for up to 24 hours, stock is only simmered for 3 to 4 hours.
  • When and How to Use Broths

  • Broths can be bought anywhere either at the grocery or even at your local convenience store – you should check to see if your retailer carries the product before heading there. Check your grocery stores website or find the retailers information online.  It’s a versatile food addition that lots of chefs had been using as a base for soups, sauces, and the like. Here are some additional things that you can do with broth.
  • Can be used as a beverage that you can drink.
  • Can be used to cook with veggies for added flavor and nutrients.
  • Can be used as a base for gravy and sauce.
  • Can be used as a base for soups and stews.
  • Can be used to make your own bouillon powder.

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