Maximize Your Outdoor Space With an Efficient Backyard Studio

Many people struggle to be productive at home during the pandemic. A backyard studio shed can help them stay on task and add value to their homes.

To make an outdoor living space more eye-catching, choose colorful elements. A bright painting on the wall, patterned throw pillows, cushioned furniture and a beverage cart will make your backyard studio shed look inviting and welcoming.

Create a Separate Workspace

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Having a dedicated workspace in your backyard helps to create a healthy work-life balance. It also gives you an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of fresh air and greenery that improves concentration, health, and mood. To make the most of your outdoor office, it’s important to include a number of design elements.

For example, a pergola makes a great focal point that can define your workspace and add an element of interest to your garden. The twisted branches and flowers that scale this pergola on Wendy Wurtzburger’s property add a touch of romance while keeping the space shady. If you’re planning on incorporating a pergola into your backyard, be sure to include plenty of lighting and heating to keep it comfortable throughout the year.

A shed or playhouse is a simple, affordable option that allows you to convert a part of your yard into an office. These spaces offer protection from the sun and wind, and you can easily close them if you have children or pets running around outside. If you’re using a pre-made shed or other structure, consider outfitting it with a mini-split HVAC unit to keep the space comfortable all year round.

Backyard offices are an emerging garden trend that allows homeowners to take advantage of the benefits of working outdoors while staying in a familiar environment. These spaces can be used for remote work situations, homework, and relaxing and provide a unique way to elevate your landscape while adding value to your home.

If you’re looking to create a backyard office, begin by determining how many people will use the area and what type of seating is needed. It’s best to include a variety of seating options, including large and small seats, so that people can work together or retreat to their own personal space depending on the task at hand. To make the most of your backyard workspace, you should also include a table or desk for writing and a whiteboard for to-do lists and reminders. Finally, don’t forget to add plenty of storage to keep your desk and seating organized. You can get more inspiration on Shed Living’s website!

Add Storage

Many people choose to work from home to stay productive but struggle with a lack of quiet and space. Backyard studios can offer a perfect solution to this issue by creating a separate space that allows you to focus and work without distraction. They are also more cost-effective and less intrusive than a major home renovation or a move to a new location.

When you have a dedicated workspace, it helps to have the right equipment and supplies on hand. Backyard studios often come with built-in storage solutions that can help you organize your materials and tools. You can even find some that are designed to maximise natural light so that you can enjoy the great outdoors while working. This custom Autonomous WorkPod, for example, has a glass front that lets in all that lovely sunshine and is also equipped with air conditioning so that you can remain comfortable all year round.

Adding some decorative storage is another way to keep your backyard studio clutter-free and looking beautiful. For instance, hanging some baskets can be a good place to store all your gardening tools and supplies, as well as your potting soil. Alternatively, you could use a cluster of simple floating shelves to display a collection of books or vases.

Some people may not be able to afford to convert a shed into a full-fledged studio but still want the benefit of having a creative space in their own yard. Thankfully, there are prefabricated backyard studio options that can be built in under a week and fit a wide range of backyard sizes. Many also include extras like power generators and solar panels so that you can be green while working from home.

Some homes or families simply don’t have the room for a studio inside the house. A backyard office or studio solves this problem by providing you with a dedicated space where you can work on your projects and crafts. It’s important to have time away from the responsibilities of everyday life, especially during a pandemic, so having this space outside of your house can be very beneficial.

Add a Seating Area

A backyard studio can also serve as a comfortable seating area. Whether you plan to read or host parties and social gatherings in your new backyard retreat, adding a seating area will help your guests feel more at home. You can opt for a small water fountain or garden sculpture for a unique focal point and relaxing ambiance, or a simple outdoor fire pit to create the perfect spot to enjoy your favorite brew and good company.

Backyard seating areas are easy to design and affordable to implement, even on a budget. You can even use a simple string of lights to add some ambiance to your backyard and transform it into a cozy seating spot. For a truly functional and beautiful addition, consider incorporating an upholstered outdoor ottoman. This versatile piece can be used as a coffee table for your book collection, or you can place a tray on top of it to hold drinks and snacks for entertaining.

Another great option for your backyard studio is an outside kitchen. This will make it easy to cook and entertain in your new retreat, as well as keep your work separate from your meals. If you don’t want to invest in a full outdoor kitchen, you can add a grill, a sink, and a mini fridge for an affordable backyard upgrade that will still allow you to prep food for a crowd.

Adding an outside dining table to your seating area is a smart way to accommodate more guests for dinner parties and social gatherings. You can choose from a variety of tables, including round and rectangular options, to fit your space. Using a mix of dining chairs and benches will also add to the visual appeal of your patio.

Creating a backyard studio is a smart way to maximize the use of your yard and add value to your property. With so many people now working from home, a backyard studio is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a peaceful and dedicated workspace to focus on their projects. And with many prefab shed options available, you can have your backyard studio ready to go in less than a week.

Add a Water Feature

Water features create a tranquil atmosphere and offer an opportunity to connect with nature. You can add a feature in a variety of ways, from a fountain, pool or stream to a garden pond or bird bath. Water features are ideal for those who enjoy swimming and lounging in the backyard as well as those who want to create a focal point that draws the eye and inspires conversation.

Fountains come in a wide range of styles and prices, from simple to extravagant. A basic recirculating fountain consists of a basin, pump and nozzle where water collects then is pumped back up to the top. Fountains like this are generally the most affordable options for creating a backyard water feature. To make your feature a little more dramatic, opt for a large, sculptural fountain that commands attention.

A water wall is a great alternative to an outdoor water fountain, especially for those with limited space. It creates a dramatic effect by bringing water to the sky and can also serve as a retaining wall or architectural accent to your landscape.

Streams are more elaborate than backyard fountains or ponds because they take up much more space. But they can provide a serene, naturalistic look to your garden and are a boon for wildlife as frogs and other water-dwelling species find refuge in them. The sound of rushing water is peaceful and relaxing, and you can add plants that thrive in wet soil around the stream to enhance its appearance and increase its biodiversity.

Another option is a waterfall that is built into the slope of your yard or garden. These are more complex to design than backyard fountains or ponds because you must consider the size of your slope as well as how it will blend in with the rest of the landscaping. Waterfalls are also more likely to require chemicals to keep the water clean because they tend to attract a lot of algae.

Adding a statue water feature to your backyard is an easy way to add a focal point that’s sure to spark conversations. Whether the statue is humorous or elegant, a statue fountain adds character to any backyard.

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