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featured10 480x360 - What Are the Perks of Hosting Your Own Art Exhibition?

What Are the Perks of Hosting Your Own Art Exhibition?

featured10 - What Are the Perks of Hosting Your Own Art Exhibition?

The very pinnacle of every artist’s starting goal is to hold their own art exhibition. Today, we explore the perks of actually hosting your own art exhibition.

We believe that this is an important discussion to have. Particularly since there are a lot of artists which tends to nurse the belief that having exhibition are costly and ineffective. While there is a good argument for that, we believe that it all just boils down to properly planning.

Here are a few perks to hosting your own art exhibition:


If you make art, it should only follow that you will want people to support and purchase your art. If you manage to book a good gallery, chances are they will have regular patrons who come in looking for new artists to patronize.

If you make a good show, you can be sure that your art will have a market waiting for it.

Establishes Your Identity

While there are a lot of artists that have a strong presence online, if you ask around offline, there would not be many that can tell you about them. This is why hosting your own art exhibition is an effective way of establishing your identity as an artist.

An established identity can also open a lot of door for you in terms of networking and memberships. A lot of communities tend to offer their support to artists who have been brave enough to establish their identity through exhibitions.


If there is anything that a lot of budding artists lack, it would be experience in dealing with real establishments and art brokers.

As a newbie artist, it would serve as a good experience to host your own exhibit. Finding a gallery, composing the overall appeal or organization of your pieces, and even mingling with your guests—all of these are important experiences that can help you better hone your brand and your talent.

To Wrap Things Up

Having your own art exhibition should be looked on as a boon rather than a hindrance. While there are some pitfalls in hosting your own exhibition like the costs—these are usually exacerbated by a poorly planned event. In order for an artist to truly mark their presence in the grand scheme of things, a good representation of your capability through an exhibition should always be considered.

Would you hold your own artistic exhibition? What perks do you see obtaining from this?

240 F 116082451 jb7BsYXyypYkqJsOmbY9aLNJpVwlecYE - Fifteen Best Trampoline Parks in the World

Fifteen Best Trampoline Parks in the World

If you can’t afford to get your own trampoline but can afford to go to a trampoline park instead, then this article is for you. Listed below are the top twenty trampoline parks that you will surely love to visit. Keep in mind that the trampoline parks listed below are not ranked from best to worst. All of them are treated equal and it’s up to you which one to choose.

240 F 134175686 7nx9tBQlvBOx4FtnpEbu2AvR3BjlsNgp - Fifteen Best Trampoline Parks in the World

  1. Altitude Trampoline Park

  • Where it’s located: USA, UK, Puerto Rico, Panama, Argentina, Norway, Japan
  • The Altitude Trampoline Park is present at 50 different locations worldwide and counting. The park has you covered of everything you need for fun and excitement such as foam pits, dodgeball courts, and even a trampoline basketball.
  1. Sky Zone

  • Where it’s located: Boston, MA, Deer Park, NY, and Ottawa ON (Canada)
  • If you think that the Altitude Park is already enough, then wait until you get a visit to Sky Zone. They have a freestyle jump where you can trampoline your way from wall to another. Not only that, but they also have trampoline basketball, jousting, trampoline dodgeball, and even a leap of faith where you can jump from high heights and land on a trampoline filled with foam.
  1. Flight Trampoline Park

  • Where it’s located: Hartford, CT, Pittsburgh, PA, Springfield, VA, Albany, NY
  • This one is targeted for the younger audiences. But as time goes by, it also became a popular workout center for those who want to do rebounding exercises. Doing trampoline exercises is a great way to lose weight without putting too much pressure on your joints and feet.
  1. Launch Trampoline Park

  • Where it’s located: Several places across the USA
  • The Launch Trampoline Park is suitable for anyone at any age especially kids and teenagers. They have a trampoline court, foam pit, an arcade, and even a café with free WiFi where you can just chill and relax after that intense jumping action.
  1. Urban Air Adventure Park

  • Where it’s located: Several in the USA, one in Bristol, UK
  • The Urban Air Adventure Park have large trampoline rooms complete with a basketball court, dodgeball area, and jump pits. They also have a warrior obstacle course where you can race with your friends and see who gets the highest score.
  1. Get Air Trampoline Park

  • Where it’s located: USA, Canada, Mexico, Finland, Japan
  • Get Air Trampoline Park is unique at their own way. While the most common one is having a basketball and dodgeball court, Get Air allows you to put on a giant bubble and bump into other people and trampolines for example.
  1. Tempest Free Running Academy

  • Where it’s located: Chatsworth, Hawthorne & Vista, California
  • This one is not just your average trampoline park. The Tempest Free Running Academy is aimed for free runners and parkour lovers. The place is complete with large trampolines with foam pits where you can practice doing trampoline stunts and other techniques.
  1. Big Air Trampoline Park

  • Where it’s located: Several across California, Spartanburg, SC, Greenville, SC, Charlotte, NC
  • The Big Air Trampoline Park has plenty of trampolines that are placed in every corner of the room. There are also obstacle courses, dodgeball and basketball court, and also a foam pit just like the others.
  1. Rockin’ Jump

  • Where it’s located: Winston Salem, NC, Greensboro, NC
  • This trampoline park had received a lot of positive customer feedback over the years. Just like the others, it has a trampoline dodgeball court, foam pit, a basketball court, and also a café with free WiFi for you to chill and just hang out for a while.
  1. Elevation Trampoline Park

  • Where it’s located: Edmond and Moore, OK
  • Jumpers at all ages will surely love this one. What you can find in the Elevation Trampoline Park are huge trampoline rooms complete with basketball, dodgeball, and volleyball courts. The best part about this trampoline park is they also have a fitness program as well.
  1. Airmaxx Trampoline Park

  • Where it’s located: St. Cloud and Eden Prairie, MN
  • This trampoline park features depend on its location. For example, in the St. Cloud one, they have a 1000 square feet of trampoline sports courts. In Eden Prairie, they have a mini golf area, mini bowling, laser tag, and also an arcade. Each version of the park has its own unique features.
  1. Velocity Airsports

  • Where it’s located: Charleston, SC, and Jacksonville, FL
  • The Velocity Airsports trampoline park has everything that most trampoline parks that are mentioned here. They have a dodgeball stadium, trampoline basketball, huge trampoline pits, and a ninja obstacle course. They also have an inflatable playground which is a nice addition.
  1. Planet Air Sports

  • Where it’s located: Pompano Beach and Doral, FL
  • This one also has everything that most trampoline parks already have. The only addition here is the slope where you can snowboard your way down, a play cage ball, a bungee trampoline, zip line, and various sets of climbable walls.
  1. Jump America

  • Where it’s located: Gurnee, IL
  • Jump America is one of the best trampoline parks that offers competitive pricing. What you will get are endless trampoline rooms, dodgeball courts, a jumping pit full of foam and also a kid zone where kids can have fun separately from adults.
  1. Stratosphere Trampoline Park

  • Where it’s located: Eldersburg, MD
  • Stratosphere Trampoline Park is both great for fans of trampoline parks and ninja warrior courses. Not only a ninja warrior course, they also have a dodgeball court, an airbag that you can have fun with, a mechanical bull if you feel like being a cowboy/girl for a while, and also snowboards to practice your snowboarding skills.
featured8 480x360 - Choosing Your Platform: Why Are Open Platforms Best for Budding Artists?

Choosing Your Platform: Why Are Open Platforms Best for Budding Artists?

featured8 - Choosing Your Platform: Why Are Open Platforms Best for Budding Artists?

Art and artists certainly need to embrace the future. A lot of the time, a lot of budding new artists tend to get left behind due to the inability to choose their particular platform. Being an artist in this century can be quite difficult.

Not only are you facing constant criticism over the validity of your art form but heaven forbid if you try out a different medium that wasn’t used by any of the great masters. When you are an artist of this generation, technology will play a big part in what you choose to do. That being said, it would be good for budding artists to explore open platforms.

What is an open platform?

This term is generally used for software and even hardware which was not tied down to a particular brand. The common trouble that a lot of digital artists face is the fact that they tend to use different programs so when they face an error or a problem, it can be hard for them to find a solution.

Asking around would be difficult as well since you’d have to find someone who used the same sort of program or hardware that you did.

Why go with an open platform?

Here are a few good reasons why an open platform would be good:

Feedback and Support

31 - Choosing Your Platform: Why Are Open Platforms Best for Budding Artists?

Most open sourced or open platforms have a very supportive community to them. Other users of the same platform tend to share any issues and solutions that they’ve found. Artists need a good supportive community behind them.

That way, they’ll be able to grow in a more positive way rather than negatively.

It’s Affordable

32 - Choosing Your Platform: Why Are Open Platforms Best for Budding Artists?

Most open platforms like tablets or an art program tend to be free. This is because they are usually developed by other artists themselves. Made by artists for other artists, so to speak!

As such, artists generally do not need to worry about shelling out something excessive in order to get started on their artistic journey.

To Wrap Things Up

Open platforms make being a connected artist a heck of a lot easier than other platforms do. When it comes to choosing the type of open platform you’re going with, it would still be best to apply a bit of critical thinking and decision making. As there are more open platforms available both online and offline, it would be highly important that an artist chooses one which works well for what they need.

Have you tried out different open platforms? Which one worked best for you?

featured7 480x360 - Earth as a Canvas: How You Can Utilize Nature as a Backdrop for Your Event

Earth as a Canvas: How You Can Utilize Nature as a Backdrop for Your Event

featured7 - Earth as a Canvas: How You Can Utilize Nature as a Backdrop for Your Event

When it comes to planning an event, it is always important to consider the backdrop. Chances are, people will tend to forget the name of the caterer or even what the event was. What they will remember is what they felt when they gazed upon a natural backdrop—at least, that’s what we’ve constantly heard when we ask people about it.

In light of this, we wanted to talk about how you could suitably utilize nature as a backdrop for your upcoming event. Here are a few tips you can take with you:

Scope out the Area

22 - Earth as a Canvas: How You Can Utilize Nature as a Backdrop for Your Event

One of the best things about events is that you let yourself really get to know the place that you’re aiming to host your event at. When you scope out the area, it would be good to ask for gallery photos of the place.

Utilize those shots to get a better feel of the sort of lighting that they tend to get in the really different seasons or weather conditions. The really good event locations are able to provide at least portfolios that can help to influence your decision.

Understand your Event

21 - Earth as a Canvas: How You Can Utilize Nature as a Backdrop for Your Event

Of course, the sort of backdrop that you need should be in line with the sort of event that you’re throwing. For example, if you’re having a wedding, you need to place a focal point for the altar or where the bride and groom will be seated during the reception. You may also need a backdrop for a professional like a doctor or a chiropractor in riverside who may need a holistic scenery for their practice.

If your event is a birthday, the backdrop will more likely be used for the activities sprawled along the premises. The backdrop should enhance your event and not overrun it. So a balance needs to be struck with your event.

Use Nature’s Light

23 - Earth as a Canvas: How You Can Utilize Nature as a Backdrop for Your Event

One of the biggest sells of natural backdrops is the fact that that lighting is all natural. This can mean really wonderful photographs with the right photographer. It’s not just the photos that you’ll be getting when you go with a natural backdrop.

Your guests get to enjoy being outside for a change. What is interesting is that there are certain venues which have an option for an indoor set-up yet have large windows which still let you have a natural backdrop.

To Wrap Things Up

Utilizing a natural backdrop is not only smart but it’s going to save you a pretty penny. Instead of relying on floral arrangements or even porting inexpensive lighting equipment, you can let Mother Nature wow your clients and your guests. Making use of heaven and earth to give your event a wow factor is simply a truly smart move.

Would you consider using nature as your backdrop? How would you utilize it for your event?

featured6 480x360 - Events In Motion: Why Should You Attend Event Planner Symposiums?

Events In Motion: Why Should You Attend Event Planner Symposiums?

featured6 - Events In Motion: Why Should You Attend Event Planner Symposiums?

If you happen to be an event planner or are in the business of events in general, there is a lot to be gained by being part of an event planner symposium.

What is an event planner symposium?

A symposium, by definition, would be a sort of conference or gathering with the intent to discuss and explore a particular subject or topic. A lot of different professional fields often hold symposiums because of the many benefits that attendees and exhibitors get to enjoy.


When you really think about it, there are A LOT of different benefits that one would be able to obtain from attending an event planner symposium—especially when you work (or are planning to work) in that particular field.

Here are a few of them:


In the land of events, connections are everything. If you’re planning to run a successful event agency, you will need to carry a list of trusted connections especially when it comes to venues, catering, and other sort of suppliers.

Symposiums are an ideal place to meet and secure alliances with other firms or suppliers. We use the word alliances as it is quite easy to find yourself on the negative side of a bad deal or a competitor. If you make good deals, you’ll have a better chance of being prioritized even when it’s at the last minute.

Think Tank Environment

The world of events is one which changes quite drastically. So when you start to think that you’ve got the whole thing figured out, that’s when a new trend can knock you off your confident feet. A symposium that’s dedicated to event planners emphasizes the need for continued knowledge.

The panel discussions will be talking about a myriad of relevant topics like new technologies or the latest trends when it comes to specific events like weddings or even press junkets. It is always important to continuously sharpen your knowledge about events.


If you happen to be one of the people who have been invited to be part of a panel, you do well to add to your credibility by being part of the symposium. Exposure is one which cannot be understated in the land of events.

Your name is your brand and if you do—or say—the right thing at a symposium, you can fully expect clients to come running after you.

To Wrap Things Up

A symposium is always a great place to get started on your networking or growing your understanding of your particular field. An event planner symposium is a great event wherein many experts in their field are willingly sharing their expertise on the different angels that need to be considered when it comes to throwing or hosting events.

Do you work in an event planning related field? Would you consider attending an event planner symposium?

featured5 480x360 - Photography as Art: Which Components Matter Most to Photographs

Photography as Art: Which Components Matter Most to Photographs

featured5 - Photography as Art: Which Components Matter Most to Photographs

Photography did not used to be considered an art form, compared to mid-century and contemporary art. After all, in its earliest years, it was mostly rather rudimentary in its execution. In today’s usage, it is something that has certainly changed quite drastically.

Today, we wanted to place a bit more focus on the topic of photography as art. We’ve received quite a few questions about which particular components matter most if you’re making photographs specifically for art. We asked some of the professional hobbyists and these are a few of what they had to say:


The term ‘composition’ is a rather catch-all word for everything that you could use to make a photograph look its best. This will have to do with the angling, the temperature of the shot, the lines that you take advantage of, and so many other things.

The composition of the shot will greatly determine how much drama you can add to it. If you’ve ever seen a place look bigger than it actually is, you can highly thank the composition of the shot for that. Composition is all about what you want to place your focus on and how you are going to make sure that your photo is able to convey it and highlight it to its best capacity.


One of the principal components of an artistic photo would be the lighting. It greatly affects what sort of emotion will be conveyed by the shot that you’re taking. For example, if you’re thinking of conveying something that is happy, the lighting should suggest that with warm or bright tones and hues.

If you happen to create a “happy” photo which has dark or even menacing hues, an odd disconnect between the subject and the message ensues. Lighting is something that is always worth paying attention to. If there is too much light, it can over saturate the shot and ruin an otherwise good subject.


Every photo needs a subject. Basically, what you are planning to use as the focal point of your photo is your subject. It can be scenery, an object, a person, or even another piece of art. Photography is a great artistic tool because it is not restricted by its medium.

To Wrap Things Up

Components matters a lot in photographs. You can have a rather mundane subject but if you compose it right, you get some pretty interesting and wholly captivating images. One of the reasons why photography is one of the more popular forms of art is the fact that it is highly accessible to a great number of individuals.

Have you tried your hand at photography? Which components would you say matter most in making artistic photographs?

info2 - Photography as Art: Which Components Matter Most to Photographs

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featured4 480x360 - Art Overrated: What Is “Good” Art?

Art Overrated: What Is “Good” Art?

featured4 - Art Overrated: What Is “Good” Art?

Through the ages, the topic of art has always been one that has been met with a lot of criticism and debate. This is particularly true with the more modern artists. It seems that the general public tends to be at odds when it comes to the artists that should be venerated and the ones that should have been ignored.

A lot of modernistic art pieces have been quite dubious at best. For example, there was a pair of glasses that were left on the floor of an art gallery and people honestly thought that it was ‘art’ or part of the exhibition. Another such example would be the night janitress who mistakenly threw away an art installation simply because she thought it was garbage left on the floor.

More often than not, there is no longer a standard on what is considered to be good art. A lot of this, most people blame, quite conversely on the subject of technology and innovation. The popular mediums of art were paintings and sculptures which were shaped out of marble or clay. In today’s world, pretty much anything is considered art.

To be honest, a good way to determine what good art is would be through these small little parameters:


Art, in its purest sense, is made to convey a message or to provoke thought in the viewers. If a piece of art is enough to make you stop in your tracks and consider whether there is merit in the art—then it has accomplished its job.

Art is meant to arrest an individual and captivate their attention. Whether that attention is positive or negative, it doesn’t really matter. Art is the catalyst for thought and conversation—for action and introspection.


One of the reasons why the arts of the masters were considered to be so good was because you can feel the absolute passion of the artists pouring forth from their chosen medium. The same was that performance arts can evoke a reaction out of you because of the inherent passion that is carried and cultivated underneath.

Passion is a key ingredient for art. If you cannot feel anything from the art piece—not even the intent—then you can actually say that the piece is flat and will require further work.

To Wrap Things Up

Whether or not an art piece is going to be considered ‘good’ is often subjective. There could be a piece that is celebrated by critics but panned by other artists or art lovers. The funny thing about art is the fact that most people generally attribute ‘good’ art to the pieces that were produced by the great ones like Michelangelo and those that came in his time.

Do you share the belief that art is overrated? What are your parameters for ‘good’ art?

featured3 480x360 - Supporting Local: Who Do You Help When You Support Local Events

Supporting Local: Who Do You Help When You Support Local Events

featured3 - Supporting Local: Who Do You Help When You Support Local Events

One of the things that you can count upon is that there is always a local event that is being planned and is asking for people to support it. Today, we wanted to explore the idea of who gains when you support local events.

A majority of local towns and communities often try to foster camaraderie by hosting a number of events. These events usually come in different themes and depending on their success, they can be turn into completely annual events. A majority of local festivals are events which were highly supported by locals and visitors. So here’s a small list which showcase just who you help when you choose to support local events:

Local Economy

11 - Supporting Local: Who Do You Help When You Support Local Events

Profit and revenue are very important to smaller communities. A majority of the public market tend to support larger conglomerates and corporations because they’ve highly visible. This is not anything that they obtain through sheer luck. Larger corporations tend to corner the market and make sure that only their ads get screen time.

Well, that’s how things used to be, at least. In today’s market, it is a lot easier for smaller businesses—the mom and pop ones—to really get the word out about them. If you support local events which showcase the goods of local businesses, you greatly help out their local economy.

Local Artists

12 - Supporting Local: Who Do You Help When You Support Local Events

A lot of local events are used to propel or boost local artists into a good visible platform. There have been countless of artists who were able to gain a foothold into the field of arts and performance because of a local event that they were part of.

When you support local events where they showcase homegrown artists, you help them establish themselves as legitimate artists. Every single purchase, no matter how small is one more step toward fulfilling their goal of being full-fledge artists.


13 - Supporting Local: Who Do You Help When You Support Local Events

What a lot of people do not realize is that they do not just enrich the lives of others by visiting and taking part of locally hosted events. What they also end up supporting would be their own selves.

There are a lot of new sights and sounds that can be discovered especially those that have artistic ties. You help to support yourself as well as you engage and support artists and local events.

To Wrap Things Up

Everyone benefits when local events are supported. When people are able to provide their support for local businesses, brands, and local artists, the local community is able to flourish well. Artists generally fare better when the local community is more supportive.

Do you take part of local events? Who do you think gains the most when you support local events?

featured2 480x360 - Struggling Artist? Take These Pieces of Advice with You

Struggling Artist? Take These Pieces of Advice with You

featured2 - Struggling Artist? Take These Pieces of Advice with You

The concept of the struggling artist has always been one that has been romanticized for generations. Today, we wanted to give some useful—and practical—pieces of advice for any struggling artist.

Take That Odd Job

1 - Struggling Artist? Take These Pieces of Advice with You

A common thing that a majority of newbie artists complain about would be the odd job offers that they get. After paying a significant amount of money on classes and even art courses, it can understandably be frustrating to be offered lower paying jobs.

The thing is no one knows what you are capable of yet. So taking that odd job increases your portfolio and gives your audiences a chance to better understand your style.

Embrace Technology

2 - Struggling Artist? Take These Pieces of Advice with You

In certain cases, a lot of artists decline to share their work online due to copyright issues. This, however, ensures that they also miss out on massive exposure from people who would rightfully and legally support your craft.

Just learn what the acceptable forms of copyright are like putting watermarks on everything—and other forms of protection for your art.

Don’t Stop Learning

3 - Struggling Artist? Take These Pieces of Advice with You

The advent of the internet has made it rather easy for networks to find each other and share knowledge about their particular crafts. If you are an artist, you must always try to enrich yourself through further study.

Learn more about the different movements out there. See if there is a particular market which aligns itself with your niche.

To Wrap Things Up

The idea of a struggling artist is one which shall continue for years to come. Every artist has their own interpretation of how they are ‘struggling’ and how they can get out of it. The world does need artists and there has been an increased clamor in supporting them. What we hope that these few pieces of advice will help any struggling artist with their cause.

What sort of advice would you offer another struggling artist?

featured1 480x360 - What Is Art: Our Personal Responses in a Nutshell

What Is Art: Our Personal Responses in a Nutshell

featured1 - What Is Art: Our Personal Responses in a Nutshell

When it comes to the topic of art, people are usually at odds regarding what it is or what is even considered to be acceptable forms of art. Before we get started, we’re truly happy that you’ve chosen to join us as we go on an exploratory journey regarding both arts and events. For today’s discussion, we wanted to explore one of the more common questions that is aimed toward art lovers.

This question being: what is art?

While seemingly a simple question, many of us start to truly look outward and inward to try to answer this. Here are some of the more cohesive responses that our writing team has managed to convey:

“Art is beauty and ugliness. It is both together and apart. Art is cannot be one without the other. The best pieces of art highlight the polar opposites.”

“Art is one of the driving mechanisms behind great upheavals. A majority of the greatest movements was, at the core, an intrinsic belief that certain people were indulging on the beauty of the world while they had to do without.”

“Art is a pursuit. Whether that pursuit is successful or not, it is up to the eyes of others to determine. After all, the greatest artists of our time didn’t even know the worth of their own work. Art is frustratingly reliant on the input of others in order to be legitimized.”

To Wrap Things Up

Art is a fully human concept that continues to affect and elevate lives regardless if they actively seek it or not. One of the best things about art is that it can be pretty much everywhere and at any given time. So even if you aren’t all that interested in it or aware of its existence, it is constantly around you with the colors, hues, tunes, and sights that can just as easily be overlooked.

What’s your take on art? What do you think art is?

info1 - What Is Art: Our Personal Responses in a Nutshell

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