5 Affordable and Cost Friendly Cleaning Services You Must Try

If you’re in the market for a new cleaning or pressure washing service, you need to consider the testimonials of different companies. The reviews of previous customers can provide valuable information about the business’s history, customer satisfaction, and response to customer complaints. Remember, most services will have less-than-perfect reviews, but they must have an open-door policy to fix these flaws. After reading a few customer testimonials, you should be able to find a company that offers the service you’re looking for.

Molly Maids

Franchised cleaning companies have a reputation for excellence. Most of the franchise owners were once corporate executives who have now turned their passion into a lucrative business. Whether you run your business alone or with your partner, you can always count on a quality cleaning service. Franchises provide time-saving service to their customers, making them more profitable than ever before. Franchisees also benefit from the franchise network’s marketing programs and dedicated marketing staff.

Franchised Molly Maid companies offer pre-training on the phone or online. They assist franchisees in developing a business plan, marketing plan outline, and legal entity. Franchisees receive full support from Molly Maid headquarters and help with startup costs. Franchisees can attend national conventions, regional meetings, and regular webinars. Franchisees also get a team website where they can communicate with each other.

Despite the growing competition in the house cleaning industry, a Molly Maid franchise can help you start a cleaning business with minimal startup costs. Franchisees have access to a proven business model, innovative systems, and superior support. The business model and marketing support provided by Molly Maid make starting a cleaning business easier than ever. Franchisees get national brand recognition and are supported by a nationwide marketing team. Franchisees also enjoy a predictable cash flow, which can help them cope with the current economy.

The pricing of a Molly Maid service varies by area. A typical cleaning with two or three Molly Maid HSPs is $95 per hour. These workers will clean your house and clear all refuse from the area. Molly Maid workers will work closely with you, and you can choose between weekly or bi-weekly cleaning. The team will even deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms on different days.

The Maids

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You must try The Maids if you’re looking for a quality cleaning service that will go above and beyond what you’d expect. This New York home cleaning service offers numerous services to suit every need. Some maids are self-employed and work independently, while others are part of a cleaning service that has a large team. The best cleaning services will have criminal checks and extensive references.

Maid Marines boasts that it’s the top-rated cleaning service in New York. The company has been featured in the New York Times, Bloomberg, and CBS News. The staff is professionally trained and uses an exhaustive 55-point checklist that details every corner of a home or office. They clean inside microwaves, window blinds, and shelves and even vacuum inside. The Maids’ services are also affordable and convenient. The company’s cleaning services start at $129 for a studio apartment.

Planet Maids

Planet Maids is another company that offers excellent cleaning services. They are fully bonded and insured, and make use of only eco-friendly cleaning products. Their plans are simple and straightforward with no hidden administrative fees. They offer predetermined cleaning plans for studio apartments and one and two-bedroom homes. They boast a high-performing disinfecting process and instant booking confirmation. You’ll love the convenience of Planet Maids.


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