10 Easy Steps to Installing Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is an increasingly popular choice among retail stores of all kinds, as its easy assembly enables both vertical and horizontal display capabilities.

Shop owners can easily move shelving units around their store, giving retailers the ability to adapt their display frequently. Before beginning construction of any gondola unit, it is vital to plan out its location carefully.

1. Decide on the Layout

Gondola shelving provides an effective means of product display in retail stores or supermarkets, offering double-sided shelves to accommodate twice as many items.

Flexible shelving units enable retailers to display various product lines throughout their store. This type of shelving can often be found in hardware and convenience stores, pet shops, chemists and petrol stations.

Organising shelves into an end aisle can also help curb shoplifting as customers must turn back around into the open space of the store where security staff can more easily monitor them. Shelves may also be combined with other retail display solutions like hangers, wire baskets or magazine racks for added appeal to potential shoppers.

2. Measure Your Space

Gondola shelving is an affordable and flexible retail space solution, making it a smart addition to any retail environment. However, before purchasing this type of store fixture it’s essential that you measure the space to determine its appropriate dimensions; otherwise you risk ending up with shelves that are too short or long and which don’t look quite right in your store.

Gondola shelves are multi-sided shelves that allow you to display merchandise on both sides, providing maximum selling space along walls and aisles. Furthermore, they can serve as end cap units at the ends of aisles for end cap units at each location.

Gondola shelving units typically feature a solid base or back panel and may include slots or notches to accommodate floating shelves, peg hooks, or other merchandising accessories. They can be wall-mounted or aisle-mounted; combined with other shelving options like slatwall for an assortment of shelving solutions.

3. Decide on the Material

Gondola shelving units come in many materials such as steel and wire. Furthermore, they’re available in multiple sizes and colours so they can easily meet your business’s specific needs – perfect for businesses that need to maximize space in their store or warehouse.

Hardware stores, department stores, grocery and convenience stores, chemists and hobby shops often choose gondola shelves for their durable design and large capacity to hold merchandise. Furthermore, gondola shelves can also be installed so as to stop at walls to create dead-end aisles preventing shoplifting from occurring.

Gondola shelving can be further customized with accessories such as baskets, shelf fencing, peg hooks, data strips and cardboard risers to give your retail store or warehouse an exciting, customized appearance and feel.

4. Decide on the Color

Gondola shelving units can be painted to match the colors and branding of your retail store, offering endless color possibilities and most fixture manufacturers offering customization based on organization colors.

Retailers frequently pair gondolas with accessories like peg hooks, shelf risers, data strips and more to achieve a professional and sleek appearance that increases merchandise turnover rates and allows easy communication of pricing information to customers. Many gondola shelves feature ticket molding that accepts pricing labels or signage to further your brand messaging; and using different colored back panels adds visual interest while drawing customers’ attention.

5. Decide on the Style

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Gondola shelving units are two-sided systems featuring adjustable shelves to store a range of merchandise, making them suitable for retail stores such as grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores and others. Gondola units also come in an assortment of different styles such as end caps, islands and wall units for maximum space efficiency.

Consider what type of merchandise you will be displaying when selecting a style of gondola shelving for your store, as well as what color will best attract customers to it. When it comes to earth tones such as platinum beige, charcoal black, or silver grey for the base color of your shelving units and bright signs to draw the customers in further, use this information when making decisions about shelving styles for gondola shelves in your store.

Be sure to leave plenty of space between gondolas. Placing too many too close together could create an obstruction that may impede shoppers or cause them to bump into merchandise, slowing them down or resulting in lost sales.

6. Decide on the Shelves

Gondola shelving is a type of retail fixture commonly seen in supermarkets to display merchandise. However, it can also be seen used in convenience and drugstore stores as an eye-catching addition that adds aesthetic appeal.

These shelves can come in various styles as seen on this blog, from double-sided units that can create aisles in a store to wall units or end cap units that finish them off at either end of an aisle.

Gondola displays are typically constructed out of metal with a solid base but may also be constructed out of wood or slatwall, and can be customized by adding shelves, arms, hooks and pegs for merchandise display. Gondola runs are fully adjustable allowing businesses to add or subtract sections as necessary and are an excellent space-saving solution. Gondola runs are great solutions for smaller businesses that need to maximize space usage.

7. Decide on the Hardware

Gondola shelving is a free standing display system that can be constructed as either double sided or single sided units to maximize space within their store, but lack the room for traditional wall displays. Gondola shelves provide retailers with an ideal way to maximize floor space without taking up more floor space by taking advantage of available walls as display areas.

Gondola shelves provide an alternative to built-in shelving systems because they are easily adjustable and suitable for displaying many kinds of merchandise. Plus, their attractive appearance helps drive sales!

Gondolas can be tailored to any retail store by adding various accessories like shelf risers, baskets, hooks and data strips – ideal for hardware stores, convenience stores, grocers, pharmacies, pet shops hobby shops and automotive stores alike. Furthermore, they can be utilized at point-of-sale areas to heighten customer awareness of new items, impulse products and specials.

8. Decide on the Anchors

Gondola shelving units are double-sided shelves designed to store more merchandise per shelf type than their counterparts – perfect for department and convenience stores, pharmacies, gift shops and many others.

Retail display racks are highly adaptable, as they can be used to create numerous unique displays with the addition of retail display accessories like waterfall arms, acrylic sheets and baskets.

Retail display accessories available for gondola shelving units include end bays, which help tidy off gondola runs while simultaneously featuring promotional items or fast-selling lines. When purchasing your shelving units from a manufacturer, all necessary parts and pieces will be included with your shipment to make assembly as painless as possible.

9. Decide on the Fixtures

Gondola shelving units are an effective way to showcase products in retail stores, supermarkets and other commercial settings. Available in a range of sizes and styles to meet the specific needs of each business, as well as both new and used options to suit tight budgets, these shelves provide businesses with affordable ways of displaying goods.

ND Store Fixtures offers an expansive selection of gondola shelving displays to meet any display need. Choose from traditional or used bays with base shelves and upper shelves on both sides to form shop aisles; or end bays that can feature promotional merchandise or fast-selling items to give your store an air of finishedness. In addition, additional accessories like shelf dividers, data strips and wire baskets can further improve your display setup.

10. Decide on the Finishing Touches

Gondola shelves are an effective way to give your store an organized appearance and provide plenty of flexibility for point of sale displays. New and used gondola shelving units can be found to meet any retail space requirement, with back boards, baskets, pegboard hooks, face outs, data strips, cardboard risers available as additional accessories to customize its versatility further.

End caps are another way to heighten product awareness and drive sales, ideal for drawing attention to impulse products, seasonal merchandise, sales items, grab-and-go wares or grab-and-go solutions. New and used options are readily available and suitable for both single-sided gondolas as well as double-sided ones; end caps offer retailers more customization options compared to traditional built-in shelving; making this an excellent way to establish specific store images or brands.

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